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    1)Can I do a select * from tbl, loop through results, then further down in the code do a rs.movefirst and loop again. Or will I have to execute the query again?<BR>2)Can someone explain what a page or pageset is in reference to ADO<BR>3)What about cursor types and how should I use them in a mulitpage, multiuser website with accounts and members signup forms?

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    1) You need a dynamic cursor to be able to go to a previous record.<BR><BR>2) The following is from the MSDN library (or<BR>PageSize Property (ADO) <BR><BR>Indicates how many records constitute one page in the Recordset.<BR><BR>Settings and Return Values<BR><BR>Sets or returns a Long value, indicating how many records are on a page. Default is 10.<BR><BR>Remarks<BR><BR>Use the PageSize property to determine how many records make up a logical page of data. Establishing a page size allows you to use the AbsolutePage property to move to the first record of a particular page. This is useful in Web-server scenarios when you want to allow the user to page through data, viewing a certain number of records at a time.<BR><BR>3) You would need to be a bit more specific about what you are trying to do!<BR><BR>This property can be set at any time, and its value will be used for calculating the location of the first record of a particular page<BR>

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