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    Aussie Ian Guest

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    G&#039Day,<BR>This is not a request for code or any great detail, which I am sure you get too many of.<BR><BR>I am an Australian plant scientist now living in Oregon so my computer skills are very low compared to yours. I am trying to connect 720 plant scientist from around the world, allowing them to input content on a web site using ASP and SQL server. Our budget cannot afford Story Server, 2Bridge, or even Allaire Spectra. Actually our funding agencies think that they can get this up and running for a few beers (the standard way of paying an Australian).<BR><BR>MY DILEMA<BR>If I place all of the body of an article (a bit like a news story I guess) into a text field of a SQL server database then it looses all of its internal tags (like bold, italic, hotlinks etc). I can tag these by &#060;B&#062;hand&#060;/B&#062; but many of the other scientists only write their articles in a word processor and just copy and paste the text into the field on a browser.<BR><BR>If I just use the database as a pointer (i.e.: store the author, title, summary, date but not the html document in the database) and then point to a html document then I have the problem of incorporating the document into the ASP template as "INCLUDE" files are inserted into a document prior to reading any ASP. How can you create a page on the fly composed of several html pages (inserted into a template) using ASP?<BR><BR>MY QUESTION<BR>Clearly I am missing an easier way of doing this. What is a good way to use SQL server and ASP to set up a relatively small (3,000 article) content management system run? Do sites commonly have html tag codes within text fields of a database or do they point to an external file?<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated - you may even get an electronic beer to help your programming.<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>Ian<BR>(Aussie stranded in Oregon)<BR>

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    Fred Bannister Guest

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    &#039Aussie Ian&#039,<BR><BR>You&#039ve just found an excellent reason to use XML with XSL. This is one such application that they are perfectly suited for. You can find some excellent articles on that will be helpful to you?<BR><BR>Good luck with your venture.

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