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    Default Looking for Experianced ASP Programmers

    I don&#039t know if i&#039m supposed to post this here or not (if not then i won&#039t anymore) ...<BR><BR>I&#039m looking for really good programmers (don&#039t hafta be expert though) in ASP to join a web team for a new site going up.<BR><BR>There&#039s not too much work left to be done but there is still a hefty amount. (also, if you are into 3D computer modeling - i.e. Poser, Bryce 3D, LightWave, etc - then please let me know at arcubilis@hotmail.com so as not to take up board space.<BR><BR>Thanx - 12Oz

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    Default You have my attention

    I&#039m actually interested in this (yeah for me=))...anywho, I know a lot about databases, SQL, and that junk, also, cookies and sessions are there in the background...mostly, I&#039m just a specialist on databases...that&#039s why I hang out here...hehe...aight, tell me what I can do!!

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