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    I want to Implement an automatic log off from our system after a pre-set period of inactivity (1 hour). If allotted time does expire and the user attempts to access the system, he/she would see a message box appear advising them that their session has expired and that they need to log back into the system. <BR>Please help me I am new to web developments.<BR>

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    What I do is keep a field in my database called "LastTrack" which tracks their last activity. Whenever somebody logs in (this is instead of an automated task), I call a script which checks for inactive users by checking the DateDiff("n", LastTrack, Now). If it is greater than 60 minutes, I run a script to log that user off.<BR><BR>Now if you could get this to work with an automated task, it would be even better. But depending on the traffic volume of your site, calling the script every time the login script is called may be just fine.

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