I need a PRO to help me with SSI

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Thread: I need a PRO to help me with SSI

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    Default I need a PRO to help me with SSI

    Ok here is the problem!<BR>I have an .asp page that uses<BR>&#060;!--#include file="../intranet/includes/converter.inc"--&#062;<BR>at the top of my page.<BR>When I execute the page I get this error message:<BR>************************************** ***************************<BR>Active Server Pages error &#039ASP 0131&#039 <BR>Disallowed Parent Path <BR>/2_0/2_3.asp, line 3 <BR>The Include file &#039../intranet/includes/converter.inc&#039 cannot contain &#039..&#039 to indicate the parent directory. <BR>********************************************** *******************<BR>The reason for this error is because the "people" that are hosting this web site have decided, for security reason, to Disallowed Parent Path! So it doesn&#039t work when I use the "../" syntaxe.<BR><BR>I have then decided to try a work around for this problem and I&#039ve decided to use virtual includes giving the full URL like this:<BR>&#060;!--#include virtual="www.whatever.com/intranet/includes/converter.inc"--&#062;<BR><BR>Then when I execute the .asp page I get a different error message :<BR>********************************************* ********************<BR>Active Server Pages error &#039ASP 0126&#039 <BR>Include file not found <BR>/2_0/2_2.asp, line 3 <BR>The include file &#039www.whatever.com/intranet/includes/converter.inc&#039 was not found. <BR>********************************************** *******************<BR><BR>Do you know why the file was not found???<BR>because if I type in the URL<BR>www.whatever.com/intranet/includes/converter.inc I can download the converter.inc page so I figured that it has found the page... no?<BR><BR>My second question is this <BR>If the "people" that are hosting this web site decided to <BR>Disallowed Parent Path! How come in my .html pages I can do this<BR>&#060;img src="../images/hello.jpg"&#062; and it works? using the "../" syntaxe.<BR>Thanks for your help<BR><BR>Sincerely<BR>Vlince

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    12OzCoffeeCup Guest

    Default RE: I need a PRO to help me with SSI

    I dunno if ths works, but try using ./ instead of ../<BR><BR>But then again, don&#039t listen to me since i aint a pro. ;P

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    Default RE: No you don't...

    When you specify an include using a virtual path it must be a root-relative reference. ie:<BR><BR>&#060;!-- #include virtual="/intranet/includes/converter.inc" --&#062;<BR><BR>Hardly an "advanced" question...<BR><BR>Dunc

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    tulson Guest

    Default who cares Dunc

    ... not everyone is Advanced as you...

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    Shedao Shai Guest

    Default RE: who cares Dunc

    Duncan is just pointing out the obvious. I see no problem with that. Nothing a quick visit to the FAQ or the Newbies board couldn&#039t fix.

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    Default Thank you people

    For me there is no such thing as an Advance question!<BR><BR>Ok should we create a SSI newbie Forum?<BR>I&#039m sure my question will help more people understand the SSI<BR>And what&#039s complex for some of you might not be for someone else!<BR>Remember we are all trying to learn :)<BR><BR>Thanks for all the answers I&#039ll try harder next time<BR>Sincerely<BR>Vlince

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    Shedao Shai Guest

    Default relax

    Actually, things that could be learned by reading a simple FAQ<BR>are considered simple, such as using SSI. Asking a question without doing simple research is not proper. If you find that you have thoroughly looked everywhere and cannot find an answer, feel free to post it here. Or if you have read everything related but still do not understand and need some guidance, post here.<BR>

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    tulson Guest

    Default RE: relax

    Vlince stated his reasoning very well. Fine, so the question wasn&#039t too advanced, and may be available in FAQs, but jeez, if you don&#039t think the question belongs, then don&#039t respond. All of these message boards were created to help people out, and once again, the mechanism has served its purpose well... relax.

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