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    Why do company&#039s and other people<BR>never use frames in there sites<BR>*<BR>It&#039s something i&#039m trying to find out<BR>for a internet marketing busines i&#039m<BR>starting. I need good information, why<BR>frames are not used or are there no special<BR>reasons for it .. Because frames should be <BR>more easy than one complete page. Frames<BR>should make it more easy to scroll to , or<BR>is the problem the number of request by the <BR>server ?<BR>*<BR>With friendly greetings,<BR>*<BR>Joris Haverkort

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    There are no special reason not use frames.<BR>But to be aware you must track which pages <BR>relate to which information. I have used frames in the past for a navigation area that appear with every page.<BR><BR>There should not be an issue for the server depending on what <BR>sys your running.<BR><BR><BR>Surfer are going to your page to get information that&#039s it...they will comeback for these two reason.. "excellent" content ..navigation.<BR><BR>There maybe more reasons why people comeback to a website but this is what I believe.<BR><BR>With smaller and smaller chunks of time being eaten up with <BR>just living day to day. This will become more important...<BR><BR>Ray Kroc"KISS". Keep It Simple Stupid

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