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Thread: session variable not working!!!

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    chetan Guest

    Default session variable not working!!!

    I am using a session variable called "uname" that stores the username of the user that is currently logged in to our web site. Our web site has certain areas that can be accessed by only registered users. To access these areas the user needs to login. After a successfull login I store the username in the session variable. Initially this session variable has no value.<BR><BR>In all of the pages in the site that need authorization I have included an ASP script right at the beginning of the page that checks for the value contained in the session variable "uname".<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR> if session("uname")="" then response.redirect("login.asp")<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>T he problem is that when I write any HTML code that opens a new window from any of these ASP pages I get redirected to the login.asp page. Does it mean that the session variable is getting reset when a new window is opened???<BR><BR>Please help

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    Default RE: session variable not working!!!

    No, absolutely not. Check ServerTimeout.

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    lagerBoy Guest

    Default RE: session variable not working!!!

    Who was it that said: "DEBUG, DEBUG, DEBUG"?<BR><BR>Why don&#039t you try doing Response.Write session("uname") and see what result you get?<BR>

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    chetan Guest

    Default RE: session variable not working!!!

    when I do a response.write on session("uname") it doesnt show anything.<BR><BR>Right now i am passin the session variable value as a querystring to the new page so that the application works

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