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    Hi<BR><BR>If i have a querystring with several items in it of which one of those items can be a multiple select.<BR><BR>E.G. ...?name=Tom&fruit=banana&fruit=peach&fruit=apple< BR><BR>1) From a select element how would I send all the items selected in the querystring or is this automatic ?<BR>2) How would i find the number of items in the querystring belonging to fruit.<BR>3) How would I extract each fruit item into an array on the asp script? I am thinking that I need to use a "for each item" loop...<BR><BR>TIA<BR>

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    If I know the number of items in a queryString how do i extract an item if I know its position in the queryString but not its name.<BR><BR>E.G. The first item in the querystring is the domain/URL but it is not a name/value pair, how do I extract this to a variable ?<BR><BR>TIA and sorry for the pile of questions...

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    &#062;E.G. ...?name=Tom&fruit=banana&fruit=peach&fruit=apple< BR><BR>So in you example you might want to know how many peaches you have?<BR><BR>For each yourStuff in Request.QueryString("fruit")<BR><BR> Response.Write yourStuff & "<BR>"<BR><BR>Next<BR><BR>

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