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    hello,<BR> i am displaying a search results and with each result there is a checkbox, if the user is interested in any record he can check the checkbox and at the end of the page there will be a button pressing which the user can save the particular record.<BR> i am using loop to display the search results and the checkbox is also inside the loop.<BR> i am not able to trace which checkbox is checked, in one record if i check the checkbox and give condition for the checked, it shows the values of the whole loop unless irrespective of the checked one.<BR> how can i solve this problem?<BR>waiting for the help,<BR>keerthi

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    While creating checkboxes dynamically, assign a distinct value say value of ID or any value of the field that is unique for that table.<BR>Now use a loop statement to find which checkboxes are checked and thus getting the distinct value. Based on that value u can use Update, delete and ..<BR><BR>Best of luck<BR><BR>Visit me at www11.ewebcity.com/aspindia to get more code and stuff like this.

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