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    My web page will not be a blank screen until it is completely downloaded, how can I make it so that it will slowly fill in the parts of the page it has not yet loaded? This web page is extremely ASP heavy and connects to 8 seperate databases. Is this why it won&#039t show partial downloads? Does it have to be compiled completely on the web server first?

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    try using response.flush after u fetch data from each db so that the page will be displayed in parts & wont look blank for long time....

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    Although I am by no means an expert on ASP, I think the problem lies with caching of the page on the server. IIS 5.0 has buffering on as default. You can specify if the page is to be sent as it is built or if it is only sent once the page is complete. for a page that takes a while to build I would suggest you send the page in several chunks rather than simply set the caching to off. simply setting caching to fff will send data as its built, this can lead to messy pages as it gets stuck mid table etc... If you have Teach Yourself ASP 3.0in 21 days (sams press, good for starters)then go to page 182.<BR><BR>otherwise here`s a brief explaination<BR><BR>response.buffer = false - turns off caching, try this first before using second method. MUST be put before any data is sent to client (best at topof script below option explicit)<BR><BR>if that doesnt look good try this<BR><BR>put response.buffer = true at the top then when you want to send a chunk of information just put in response.flush this will send all data so far to the client. you can put in as many flushes as you like so the data can appear in nice chunks, maybe utilise this to throw out some text first then get the database stuff done while they read that.<BR><BR>hope it helps <BR><BR>gary<BR><BR>

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