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    This is a question in theory only. I have done a lot of database programming and a lot of HTML coding, but this is my first project developing a database application for our intranet.<BR><BR>The problem (question) I have is the best way to validate and manipulate form data "on the fly". For example; at mid-point in the form, I need to build a select statement from a sql recordset. The record set cannot be built until the field before it has been answered as the second field is dependent on it.<BR><BR>Should I do a submit that reloads the same form with the new information before I continue? ASP seems to be a linear script (which I would expect it to be). I have used this technique several time with cgi scripts as they act the same way. <BR><BR>Comments and/or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Yeah, you&#039d hafta do two forms...unfortunately, ASP does not let you create a nice lil recordset after you have HTML coding (trust me, I have many nice words to say about this occurance and an application I wrote)...sorry!!

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    Depends on how big your form is:<BR><BR>For a big&#039gish form I would probably break it up into 2 parts and have 2 trips to the server. You know 1st part contain Name, address, etc [Submit], 2nd part contains known fetishes(?) etc, eh, whatever!<BR>

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