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    Ben Roy Guest

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    I need to pull a quote for a Nasdaq listed company onto their web page. I know how to do it from a technical perspective (ie I could go grab it from MSN,, etc.) but most of the sites I could think of would probably be borderline legal at the best. Does anyone have experience with a solid way to do this? We just need the quote for the company itself.

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    there&#039s a tutorial with sample code for doing this with java on - in either the ASP or java sections (should be in both, actually)<BR><BR>you could also build something around a HTTP component to do a similar job using regular expression....<BR><BR>jason

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    al dawg Guest

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    Yes, it&#039s definately possible using a component. I use one to steal my 401k quotes for my personal page.<BR><BR>It&#039s easy, but legal is another matter.

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