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    Anwer Kamal Guest

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    I need help?<BR>When the user&#039s being ideal &#062; 1 hour <BR>1) display the pop message <BR>2) When user acknlodge ( redirect them to login screen)

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    Avi (Aaron N.) Guest

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    To be honest, I haven&#039t tried this yet but this is what I would try first. Remeber, I don&#039t even know if waht I am telling you can even be done, but try it and let me know. I like the concept.<BR><BR>&#060;% If Session.Expires &#062;= 60 Then %&#062;<BR><BR>JavaScript "alert" or "confirm" statements.<BR><BR>&#060;% End If %&#062;<BR><BR>It sounds logical to me but you never know with these things. I don&#039t really have the time to see if such a thing would work but let me know if it does if you decide to try it.<BR>

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