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    Will we be Forced to make ASP to ASP+ script conversions at some point? <BR><BR>Or will there continue to be an .asp suffix for the old stuff and a new .asx (or something) suffix for the new ASP+ stuff?<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Jackson, ASP pages and ASP+ pages will be able to coexist on the same Web server. ASP pages will, by default, have the .ASP extension and ASP+ pages the .aspx extension. So, you can keep your old ASP pages running just as-is and also create new ASP+ pages, all on the same Web server!<BR><BR>Also, in the event that you do want to upgrade an ASP page to an ASP+ page, there will be a utility to help convert your code over... these issues are discussed in greater detail at:<BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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