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    I&#039ve got a page with a large table, and I&#039d like to decrease the size of the stuff in the table so users do less scrolling. Is there some way to change the size of text input boxes and select menus?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>~Casey

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    You&#039ve got two options AFAIK -- either set all input, select and option tags to be a certain way, or create a style class which you then set certain input, select and option tags to.<BR><BR>What I would advise knowing very little about your situation -- it sets all text-returning input based form tags to a specific appearence:<BR><BR>&#060;style type="text/css"&#062;<BR>input, select, option, textarea { font-family: monospace; font-size: x-small; }<BR>&#060;/style&#062;<BR><BR>I left it at x-small because Netscape can&#039t (really) render xx-small -- if you&#039re sneaky, you&#039ll put in a switch so that it comes out as xx-small if the user has MSIE. [This is because MSIE -- for Windows, anyway -- renders every relative font size one step larger than it should (MSIE xx-small renders as the W3C Standard x-small). However, MSIE v5.0x for the Mac *doesn&#039t* do this -- it behaves properly (like Netscape).] I also left the font family as monospace because MSIE and Netscape render other fonts in wildly different fashions (when it comes to forms), so using a monospace font gives the most consistent results.<BR><BR>Stylesheets -- just gotta love &#039em. Now if only we didn&#039t hate the browsers for such shoddy support...<BR><BR>HiH.

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