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    Aaron N. Guest

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    I am writing an advanced mailing list program and I have ran into a major problem. The administration area is the largest part of the script, of course, and it contains a lot of features. One of the features is the "Mail All Subscriber" feature. It works fine until I try to mail 10,000 subscribers. The script times out or I get a server error. I have set the Script.Timeout propery to 3 days so I am sure that this is not the problem. (Or maybe it is, you tell me.) I am using the CDONTS.NewMail object. Can this be a problem with my servers capablities or limitaions on my hosting plan? Or am I doing something wrong or is ther another component that I should be using instead such as ASPEmail or JMail? Thanks for the help.<BR><BR>Aaron N.

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    Mohammed Eshtay Guest

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    i have the same problem so please mail me the answer if u get it<BR>thanks

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