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    How can I strip all HTML mark ups from a string?<BR><BR>Thanks for any help!

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    well you maybe able to use this<BR>Instr() <BR> FUNCTION: Returns the numeric position of the first instance of one string within another. <BR> SYNTAX: Instr([start, ] strToBeSearched, strSearchFor [, compare]) <BR> ARGUMENTS: start (optional) is the numeric position to start the string search; strToBeSearched is the string expression to be searched; strSearchFor is the string expression search value; and compare (optional) is the value indicating the comparison constant. <BR> EXAMPLE: &#060;%<BR>strText = "This is a test!!"<BR>pos = Instr(strText, "a")<BR>response.write pos<BR>%&#062; <BR> RESULT: 9<BR>(string "a" is the 9th character in strText) <BR><BR>then use right to return a specified number of characters from the right. this is just an idea. but it may help start you in the right direction

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