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    what would be a good way to add +1 to a new counter everytime a Name and Email addie is added to a database?<BR><BR>What I am doing is promoting my website using a contest, and I am going to have the drawing after 2000 entries.<BR>I have all the forms set up and the db is filled with the form results. Now I just need to show a public counter to count each database entry.<BR><BR>Thanks so much,<BR>Daniel<BR>for reference here is the page

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    Is the counter and the Name/Email in the same table? If it is or is not, you can just create a stored procedure that you call for adding a name and email:<BR><BR>CREATE PROCEDURE sp_AddContestant(@Name varchar(50), @Email varchar(100))<BR>AS<BR><BR>-- Insert the name and email<BR>INSERT INTO MyTable1 (Name, Email) VALUES(@Name,@Email)<BR><BR>-- Now, update the counter<BR>UPDATE SomeOtherTable<BR>SET Counter = Counter + 1<BR><BR><BR>Hope that helps! Happy Programming!

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