I&#039m producing a list and each item in the list can be clicked to open an iframe below it. This is done by an onclick event of the item and in the script I do an thedivname.innerHTML=theIframe. So clicking each item in the list fires an iframe to be created in the DIV below it inserting a IFRAME. Now this works fine, but I want to refer to an object in the iframe from the main parent frame. This is where I run into problems. In the same script that creates the iframe I refer to a DIV that is in the Iframe. I get an "object expected" error BUT (now this is strange) if I put an alert() BEFORE the call to the DIV it totally works fine. Take out the alert() and it gives the error. Now if I don&#039t dynamically create the iframe and just hardcode it, it also works fine (alert or no alert). Anybody have ANY clues? I&#039m really stumped.