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    PETEL Guest

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    Greetings I am trying write a online product configurator. I have a small access db that had a listing of our configured product. I want to put this on our internet site. The thing is I have a brain block goin gon this. I may have several product that are widget1 but the configuration may be different. So i want a drop down boc for the user to select the product. This can be handled by the SELECT DISTINCT statemnt to rid out the duplicates, but how do I get the actual selection from the drop down to display all the available configurations in a display table from that selection?? Thanks.. an a little confused. Pleas explain it to me like I am 12 yr old

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    Brahms Guest

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    Hmm.<BR><BR>Well, you could have them choose the item from the drop down, mask the products id in the value=productid of the option tag.<BR>Then submit it to the next page where you<BR>do a select of that products stuff where prodid = &#039"& prodid&"&#039<BR>then in your forms value fields set value=&#060;%=qry("prodname")%&#062;<BR>and the like<BR><BR>Its the straightforward approach.<BR>You could get into doing a little javascript and handling it all in one page.<BR><BR>if you want to read about more options<BR>Bill W, I think you can search for "chilisoft", has an interesting read on it in the 4guys articles.<BR><BR>gl<BR>

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