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    I am working on a pre-launch registration site which will be getting around 30,000+ registrations over a 5-6 week period. The database will contain a simple personal details table and possible one other table. Would an Access (97/2000) backend be able to cope with this and is there any preference over the Access versions.

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    Well, soundz like you could have around 1,000+ users a day, yes? I havn&#039t had any expirience with using Access in this type of environment But.. Access can handle the amount data (nnumber of records) just fine but you have to be careful about number of concurrent users. I&#039ve heard horror stories of people tring to use Access for more than 5 or 10 concurrent users. SQL Server might be a better option if you can spring for the ca$h.

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    From personal experience...Access gets REALLY REALLY slow after 40,000 records. Access 2000 goes to SQL server pretty easily... that is what *I* suggest. <BR><BR>--Linda

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