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    Mela_nie Guest

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    Hello all!<BR>We have an existing HRIS system where all the applicants&#039 (and employees&#039 info) are stored. The HRIS database is stored in a SQL server. Now, they want the applicant&#039s form to be put up on our website. Am thinking of validating the form using Javascript (client-side). Then process the form&#039s contents using VBScript(server-side). Once everythin is ok, all the info entered by the applicant will be transferred to the database using VBScript.<BR>Uh, do u think this is wise enough?<BR><BR>All comments/suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanksssssss,<BR>Mela_nie

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    lagerBoy Guest

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    It depends largely(?) on your skills.<BR><BR>If you are confident using JavaScript then client-side form validation is definantly the way to go. There are two reasons for this:<BR><BR>1. Your avid little surfer won&#039t get a round trip to the server for no reason, which means his/her time spent trying to fill in your form is reduced.<BR><BR>2. Because there is no wasted trip to the server, this also reduces the amount traffic on the Server.<BR><BR>I personally do as much validation on the client as possible (by that I mean as much as my JavaScript skills will allow) the rest I do back on the Server with VBScript.

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