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    Hi there. I&#039ve made an .asp ecommerce site which displays perfectly well in Internet Explorer five, but does not display at all in Netscape Communicator 4.6. I&#039m testing my site using Personal Web Server. Has this got anything to do with it? Or does Netscape not support .asp? Or have I programmed something wrong? Any ideas gratefully received.

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    If the pages don&#039t look right in Netscape it&#039s because you have an error in the HTML your ASP&#039s are returing to the client. The browser has NOTHING to do with what your server side script is generating. IE is sometimes more forgiving than Netscape if a HTML tag isn&#039t closed properly. You need to look very carefully at the HTML that&#039s generated by your ASP to see if you&#039ve missed closing a tag. Another possibility is that you&#039re writing some DHTML that, while correctly formed, Netscape&#039s DOM doesn&#039t understand. <BR><BR>Good luck.

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    Joel N&#039s answer pretty well says it all. <BR><BR>Just one thing to add:<BR>In netscape do edit source, or whatever it is called and see if there is HTML source. Should be if you see it in IE. Also save the result page as .htm and edit it in Dreamweaver. DW will show up missing tags and you can also run a check on the current browser, which will bring up a list of any problems in the HTML.<BR><BR>I have found that a missing end tag anywhere in a table layout may render the whole table and its contents invisible.

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