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    Help. Without filling this message with gory details, here&#039s my situation: I&#039ve found a Jscript that does something I need to do, across browser platforms (ie - I *have* to use JScript - not VBScript). However, I need to be able to assign some values to variables within the JScript - values that are stored within some ASP Session variables. How do I pass these Session variables into the variable assignment statements within JScript code?<BR><BR>An example:<BR>// This is an excerpt of some of the JScript code<BR><BR>var page = new Array(<BR>"urlnumber1.html",<BR>"urlnumber2.html", <BR>"urlnumber3.html"<BR>); <BR><BR>Those URLS being assigned to the _page_ array need to come from my Session variable (which is also an array). <BR><BR>Any ideas? Am I completely missing something here?<BR><BR>Thanks!!

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    just write them in as if you were writing them to the page i.e.<BR><BR>function clientSide() {<BR>var var_one = &#060;%= var_one %&#062;<BR>}<BR><BR>jason

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