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    Kasper Guest

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    From which amount of records should I start using SQL server?<BR>Is it really faster than Access?<BR><BR>How does it influence my already existing asp pages. Do they have to be altered in any way?

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    peterjl@austec.net.au Guest

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    The only thing you should need to change in your ASP, would be the connection string. Some SQL commands may need some minor modification.<BR><BR>As for how many records, this is difficult. I have done trials up to several tens of thousands, and Access seemed to have no problem. I suggest that access should be able to work ok on much larger datasets. In any case you should try to limit the number of rows returned by any query on any DBMS. You would do this by date filters, userid filters, sorting, and using the top function (eg):<BR>select top 100 * from table<BR><BR>In other words careful query design can make SQL Server upgrade unnecessary. Also instead of getting your pages to query the base tables, create queries in Access Query Design Mode, and have your page access these queries.

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