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    Portrman Guest

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    My databases date format is yyyy/mm/dd but the format for date() is not. Is there a way to format the date to be yyyy/mm/dd and then make it so that the asp still treats it like it is a date and not just a number?<BR>I know I can do this date=Year(date()) & Month(date()) & Day(date())<BR>But this makes "date" numberic instead of a date type<BR><BR>Also, I need to find a way to subtract a day from "date", so that I can create a link to the previous days info. <BR>Thx

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    Kasper Guest

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    for date formatting check out : <BR><BR><BR><BR>for date subtraction use datediff function

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    Portrman Guest

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    Must of missed this one, thx alot :-)<BR><BR>Portrman

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