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    I&#039m having some problems coming up with a way to carry just a single variable from one asp page to a new window it makes (the new window not being made from scratch, but from a .asp file). <BR><BR>The problem is the variable is assigned the data using buttons and such, so after all the asp processing has been done. POSTing the form so I can retrieve it in the new window with a request.form fails as well because of it being a new window, and not simply linked from the last one. Nor can I figure out a way to use a querystring to carry it over (though I&#039d prefer not to use a querystring in any case, since the variable I&#039m sending is quite long). I&#039ve also as a last resort tried to put it in a session variable (yes I know, bad bad) but I can&#039t seem to access session variables after the asp has been processed (i.e. from a vbscript or jscript function). Any ideas people? I really must have this done by sunday night. =)<BR><BR>

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    Wayne<BR>I use a database connection for this, with functions: setvar() and getvar(). These functions save and retrieve strings to (and from) a table with the users IP and login as parameters. I use the login procedure to clear the old entries from the table as users login. While there is the added cost of a DB connection, there are avantages of persistant variables without using a session variable. (I also use table entries for diagnosing problems._<BR><BR>I think there was an article on 4-Guys somewhere about a similar method.<BR><BR>M

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