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    Hi,<BR>I have a lot of data contained in HTML tables which I would like to store in SQL tables. Does SQL7.0 provide any utilities that can make my job of exporting HTML table data to SQL tables easier?<BR><BR>If no such utility is available(which would seem strange????) then is there any other hassle-free way of doing this. Basically I do not want to end up copyin n pastin HTML table data row by row into the SQL table.(Godddd! want a waste of time that would be..)<BR><BR>Please help...

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    I do not think such a utlity exists... part of the problem is that HTML tables can be very sloppy... if you forgot a single &#060;/TD&#062; or &#060;TD&#062; or whatnot, while it may display properly in the browser (or maybe not) any sort of script trying to parse through it would have fits...<BR><BR>You can try to write your own... if you do, I highly suggest you check out this article:<BR><BR>It shows how to split up a table and order each cell... this will help tremendously in your endeavor! :-)<BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    If your html table displays data in the way that resembles a spreadsheet (ie Table row headings and columns under each heading) then you will probably find that you can imported it into a MS Access 2000 Database. I not sure about access97, but I have copied html tables into Excel

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