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Thread: Session_OnEnd doesnt get called

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    Arjun Guest

    Default Session_OnEnd doesnt get called

    Hi,<BR> I have a asp application using sesiions. However when I quit the browser the session_OnEnd is not called immediately. It is called only after the session.timeout time elapses( remmember I have closed the browser). Does any one find this behaviour strange?<BR>-Arjun<BR><BR>

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    When you close a browser, the server has no clue if your still connnected or not. All the server knows is that you have not requested a page for a while (hence, timeout followed by onend event). The server would have to keep checking to see if you were there (waste of resources). The browser sends no signal to let the server know you are disconnecting.....even though that would be cool :). <BR><BR>Just my thoughts on this..

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