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    Server side includes given in the book are not working on my PC. For eg: after including the through the include command, when executing the ASP page it will come out with the error like adCmdTable - variable not defined. Same is the case with includes with .asp extension also. I am using PWS(IIS 5.0)

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    Hello all!<BR><BR>My includes do not work also, I think it is because I have IIS4 (Windows NT4) and this version can include other files only in files with .htm extension.<BR><BR>It is written in Chapter 13, that we can find in server settings, files of which extensions are allowed by default to include other files. It is written also, that we can change/add such definitions.<BR><BR>The question is - where to find these server settings? In web-site Properties and in Console Properties I could find nothing of this kind.<BR><BR>I am going to install IIS5 soon, so, please, describe it for IIS5, if I can&#039t do it for IIS4.<BR><BR>I included my question into this post, because maybe they are somehow connected.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Diana

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    If you are having #include problems, I ***strongly*** suggest that you read:<BR><BR>The Low-Down on #include<BR><BR><BR>It is *very* thorough and explains server-side includes in great detail...

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