&nbsp;<BR>I made a script(javascript) that writes out 4 articles to compare on this e-comerse-site. And the connection was generated in global asa by the wizard(VisualInterdev). But when i moved the code to my real project i hade to make a new connection. So i made this new connection on the actual page becouse i could not make it in Global.asa with the special metods like in Visual interdev. The problem is that when i moved the connection, there is no support for the method <BR>rs.get.Value();<BR>Example:"var firstItem = recordset2.fields.getValue("articels_ID");"<BR><BR >So???<BR>And I find out a nother problem<BR>If i make a connection in VB then i cant yuse it in the javascript??<BR><BR>I tried to initialise a java-variable inside the VB-script with no success!<BR>Regards<BR>Atrix