I have created a mapped network drive (F:) that is accessed by a COM object that uses the standard VB Dir function. If I run the COM object from a VB app, it works no problem.<BR><BR>(Yes, F: exists, it is browsable, and the correct permissions have been set on the drive itself.)<BR><BR>If I call the COM object from ASP, I get a "bad file name or number" error (800a0034). Yet I&#039m setting the property EXACTLY the same way I did from my VB testbed app. I have tried changing the COM object from apartment threaded to single threaded but no change. And no, I don&#039t want to use the scripting.filesystemobject either.<BR><BR>Here&#039s the code that causes the error; like I said it works fine when called from a standard VB app:<BR><BR><BR>Public Property Let RealTimeFileDirectory(ByVal strRealTimeFileDirectory As String)<BR><BR> If Dir(strRealTimeFileDirectory, vbDirectory) = "" Then<BR> Err.Raise eInvalidDirectory, "CCVerifyBRIF2 COM object", "Real time directory " & strRealTimeFileDirectory & " does not exist!"<BR> End If<BR> <BR> If Right(strRealTimeFileDirectory, 1) &#060;&#062; "\" Then<BR> strRealTimeFileDirectory = strRealTimeFileDirectory & "\"<BR> End If<BR> <BR> m_strRealTimeFileDirectory = strRealTimeFileDirectory<BR>End Property<BR><BR><BR>Any ideas? Is Dir not allowed? <BR><BR>Can you pls cc replies to scott.tunstall@newstel.com<BR><BR>Thanks. <BR><BR>Scott