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    It seems that everywhere I read, I am told that wrapping up logic into com components(especially data access logic) will provide a better performance and scalability. I have been doing some benchmarking on a component I have written and am actually finding that the ASP script is running faster(3x) than compiled VB code. I believe that much of this loss in performance is due to the cross-process data marshalling from the web app to my COM+ server application. The main slow down is at the actual point of instantiating the object. Testing library packages have proved to be faster but still a little slower than asp script. I am confident that the inefficiency is not in my code.<BR><BR>Given these results, what is the benefit of com?

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    Hrm, lots of people say COM is good. You test and deduce that COM is bad. Perhaps your tests are skewing your point of view? 7 things to check, there may be more.<BR><BR>1) Have you been stress testing just for yourself, or with a concurrency stress tester? (Beware the slashdot effect.)<BR>2) Are you getting cached versions of your ASP pages instead of freshly compiled copies? (What it should be depends on your server.)<BR>3) Is your COM object being retained in memory or is it being dropped and picked up completely every time? (Should be retained in memory -- see your development environment.)<BR>4) Is your COM object appropriately slimmed down (ie: makes no unnecessary references)? (Every reference takes a bit more time.)<BR>5) Is your COM object appropriately beefed up (ie: you only need one to make your page work)? (See above -- every COM object you have to use eats more time.)<BR>6) Does the code in your ASP page look similar to the code in your COM object (ie: you&#039re not comparing 5x Response.write to 5x foo = foo & bar in COM then send a string to ASP for response.write)? (I did this once and it ate an order of magnitude worth of performance against the COM object.)<BR>7) Is your COM object appropriately threaded? VB COM objects should be Apartment threaded. You can look up other languages for yourself.

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