How do I ftp a file using ASP?

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Thread: How do I ftp a file using ASP?

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    Arin Sime Guest

    Default How do I ftp a file using ASP?

    I have some ASP that creates a text file which was emailed to a client on a regular basis. Now, we have been asked to ftp the text file instead of send it. Does anyone have any suggestions for an ftp object (preferably free of course) that could be used, or perhaps a way to execute shell commands. I am not aware of any solutions right now, so any help is appreciated. You can also email me at if you like instead. Thanks!

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    SPG Guest

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    You can use the msinet.ocx (it should be in the winntsystem32 directory) to provide FTP capabilites. I&#039ll warn you that it clogged the asp.dll often and repeatedly (in such a fashion that IIS could not kill it) when on my production server. This is because it wasn&#039t intended to be used in that fashion (Microsoft says it&#039s to be used by clients only -- once again forcing the question of distinction: I send HTTP packet there, they send HTTP packet back. I then pass HTTP packet elsewhere. What&#039s a server?), but it can usually handle little stuff.

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