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    Hi,<BR> When I submit my asp in Netscape, it gives me a &#039Document contains no data&#039 error. In IE it submits successfully.<BR><BR>Can anyone help.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    I&#039m guessing that the page you build on the server and return to the browser has a missing or a misplaced HTML tag. IE is more forgiving in most cases (some say that&#039s a bad thing, others are glad it is) than Netscape if documents are not "well-formed". Do a "View &#124 Page Source" after the document trys to load and see if there is some HTML. If there is, look it over carefully for a missing closing tag on a table or some other element.

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    Netscape doesn´t support VBSCRIPT, so if you have<BR>any SCRIPT-TAGS för VBSCRIPT you can try to remove<BR>those and try again.<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Torbjorn

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