I am trying to verify that my users have a 128-bit strong encryption browser in a secure area of my website. <BR><BR>I have a test environment with IIS 4.0, NT 4 SP6, and a test Digital Certificate which is only 40-bit. I am forcing my ASP page thru Port 443, so SSL is enabled. When I check the browser strength of Netscape 56-bit using Request.ServerVariables("CERT_KEYSIZE"), I get 56. <BR><BR>My production system is running IIS 4.0, NT 4 SP6, and a Global Server Digital Certificate (128-bit). When I use the same Win95 pc with Netscape 56-bit, I get 128 as the Request.ServerVariables("CERT_KEYSIZE").<BR><BR>Wh at&#039s up with that? Why doesn&#039t it show 56-bit? Am I using the right method for determining browser strength?<BR><BR>I&#039ve read all the stuff from Verisign and I&#039m still confused.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Amy Huskey<BR><BR>