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    Thanks for reading. I get the error message:<BR>TYPE MISMATCH<BR>and sent the following e-mail out earlier. In case Casie is offline can anyone else help me finish off my question:<BR>----------------------------------------------------<BR>TYPE MISMATCH<BR><BR>"(Archie)Can anyone tell me what causes this error message, or point me in the right direction to read up on it.<BR>thanks<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------(Casie)The two values you are comparing are not of the same type. For example, you can&#039t compare a date to an integer without first making some kind of conversion. What<BR> exactly is the comparison you are making? <BR><BR>---------------------------------------------------------------<BR> (Archie)So does that mean i should look at the database design - eg one field a string and the other an integer. Or is it something in my code? "<BR><BR>Thanks if you can!<BR>Archie<BR><BR>

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    It could be either. I would check my code first since you probably have it up. If that seems okay then I would check my database and make sure that I wasn&#039t putting a string field into a number field or something like that.

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