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    I need to Implement an automatic log off from our after a pre-set<BR>period of<BR>inactivity (1 hour). If allotted time does expire and the user<BR>attempts to<BR>access the system, he/she would see a message box appear advising<BR>them that<BR>their session has expired and that they need to log back into the<BR>system. If<BR>some one can<BR>Help me out I will appreciates.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Anwer Kamal<BR><BR>

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    I am not sure if i understood your question correctly but you can initiate a session variable once the session is active. In an include file on your page check if the variable still have the value (boolean or other) otherwise redirect the user to another page where there is a login or you can give an alert and then redirect the user to a login page

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