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    I was modifing some code today and I came across:<BR><BR>If Trim(Request.Form("first.x")) &#060;&#062; "" Then <BR><BR>What does the .x do? I havent seen that before The original form has a field with the name "first" but no first.x<BR><BR>Any Ideas?

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    looks like a typo to me.

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    I see someone say it may be a typo.Well,it&#039s not.<BR>Try this :<BR>&#060;form action="target_page.asp" action=post&#062;<BR>&#060;Input type=image SRC="someimage.gif" BORDER=0 name=imagename id=imagename &#062;<BR>&#060;/form&#062;<BR>and in target_page.asp try :<BR>response.write request.form("imagename.x")<BR><BR>What you would get is the X coordinate of image on which a click occured.<BR>If you try request.form("imagename.y") you get Y coordinate.<BR><BR><BR>

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