I need some suggestions from anyone who has done any extensive work in ASP. I am having a problem with a form that I have created on an intranet site. Once the form has been filled out,<BR>the information is stored in an Access Database. The form then notifies the appropriate individuals via email and via pager (this is working correctly). One part of the ASP code (that is not pulling the information) looks like this: requestid = rs("ID"). It is not pulling the "ID" number from the database <BR>and submitting it via email or on the webpage. This used to happen but now it is not happening. All of my fields in my ASP code correspond with the fields in the Access database..sooo I really don&#039t know why this is not working. PLEASE HELP ME!! I hope this makes sense. If anyone is interested in helping I can send you all of the ASP code and maybe you can review it and supply any suggestions you may have.<BR><BR>Thanks so much!!!<BR><BR>You can email me directly at ann.vasquez@wcom.com