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    Mala Guest

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    How can I query combo box 2 based on the selection in combo box 1 ? I have got the item selected in an HTML text box. The data is in a sql server database .<BR><BR>ANY help is very greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Mala

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    Default *SELECT LIST* querying

    Two ways:<BR><BR>(1) Do it all in ASP, on the server. See my example at<BR> (look for the "categories" demo).<BR><BR>(2) Do a lot of it with client-side JavaScript. This is a little tougher to understand, but if the total number of possible options doesn&#039t exceed 200 or so, it can be more efficient. See and then look for the extensive materials on "dynamic lists".<BR><BR>p.s.: It is *not* a "Combo Box". That has a special meaning in the MS world. It is simply a "Select List" or a "Drop Down List".<BR><BR>

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    Mala Guest

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    Thanks so much. I&#039ll check the SELECT list querying right away. <BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Mala<BR>

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