Hi, <BR><BR> I am experiencing a peculiar problem. Please help me to find out the solution. The problem is as follows...<BR><BR> I am retreiving a recordset &#039rs&#039 from a database table &#039books&#039. This database table contains a field called book published date. which contains values like &#039Published: 1997&#039 etc.<BR>whenever I tried to get values using rs("bk_published") or rs.fields("bk_published") I am getting the full string for some number of records only. for others I am getting the partial string. That is if the string required is &#039Published: 1996&#039 it shows the full string for first few records. For others it shows only the first part of the string (&#039Published: &#039) only. It is not taking the things after the blank space.<BR><BR>could anyone give a solution to this problem? please help me<BR><BR><BR>Madhu<BR><BR>