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    In a chat session (code in ASP) I want to refresh the text area(where message is appearing) only, but not the whole page.Can any body help me??

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    Default Refreshing CHAT message area...

    If you are coding this entirely in ASP, then the only practical way to do this is to put the message area into its own frame and refresh the frame.<BR><BR>As ugly as that sounds, it&#039s actually a very good idea, because we would assume that the HTML to build just the message in that separate frame would be very small and compact, and so the refresh process would hopefully be much smaller and much more efficient in the use of server resources.<BR><BR>Having said all this...<BR><BR>Using ASP to do chat is a pretty terrible was of server resources. There are *SO* many better things to use. Probably Java applets would be the most efficient, in the long run, in terms of load on the server.<BR><BR>The problem with using ASP (and HTML, in general) is that you never know when the info on the server has changed, and so the only way to force a refresh of the message space is to have the HTML page "drive" the refresh, perhaps by requesting new info every 10 seconds or so. This means that the poor server is hit by a new request *FROM EVERY CHAT USER* every 10 seconds, *EVEN* when there is nothing new to be displayed! Horrible performance hit on the server.<BR><BR>Much superior are systems that establish a connection to the server where the *server* can "push" the info to the client only when needed, but HTML (and HTTP, in general) was simply not built for "push" technology. It takes a plug-in of some kind. Java applets are perhaps the most universal solution, though of course if you have an all-MS network you can use various MS technologies.<BR><BR>SO...the moral: Don&#039t use ASP for a "chat" if you expect it to be heavily used. No more than, I would say, 10 to 20 concurrent users, unless you have a pretty powerful server and/or are willing to drag the rest of the server down.<BR><BR>

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