Browser Cap. Comp. - doesn't work in Netscape?

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Thread: Browser Cap. Comp. - doesn't work in Netscape?

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    I have always been a disliker of NETSCAPE and now another scenario arises - unless someone out there knows a way around this.<BR>The following code does not work with Netscape:<BR>&#060;%<BR>dim objBC<BR>Set objBC = Server.CreateObject ("MSWC.BrowserType")<BR>If (objBC.JavaScript) Then<BR>Your browser supports JavaScript<BR>&#060;%else%&#062;<BR>Your browser does not support JavaScript<BR>&#060;%end if<BR>Set objBC = Nothing<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR><BR>If you do this:<BR>Browser: &#060;%=objBrowscap.Browser%&#062;<BR><BR>Versi on: &#060;%=objBrowscap.Version%&#062;<BR><BR>Platform : &#060;%=objBrowscap.platform%&#062;<BR><BR>JavaScr ipt?: &#060;%=objBrowscap.javascript%&#062;<BR><BR>VBScr ipt?: &#060;%=objBrowscap.vbscript%&#062; <BR><BR>Netscape returns this:<BR>Browser: Default<BR>Version: 0.0<BR>Platform: Unknown<BR>JavaScript?: False<BR>VBScript?: False <BR><BR>ANY IDEAS?<BR>

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    That&#039s not Netscape&#039s fault. Your code is on the SERVER so any problems with the results are there.<BR><BR>Make sure you have the latest browscap.ini file. You may be using a version of Netscape that was not available when your browscap.ini file was last updated so the information about your version of Netscape isn&#039t in the ini file. Just open browscap.ini on your web server and see if the version of Netscape you&#039re using is listed. That MAY account for the apparent errors you&#039re seeing.

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