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    A small challenge without a reward..<BR><BR>goto http://johncogan.ewebcity.com/demo/coded.asp<BR><BR>and let me know what the coded string output that you see is when decoded. It is fairly simple.

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    Default Wrong

    You gave me the encrypted string, from this string somehow get the UNcoded string. It will be a sentance that makes sense in English ;)

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    Default Try this one!!!!

    Flr id htks kdskj djd ewj. Dj jld sl sao al ajl slslsl jsd.<BR>Ge slksj s sks lksdj sdlk, jsdjlfs lksj ksd fjlk sdf lskd fl.<BR>Fkjs, sdfs sdf lk sdfkj sk sdfljs sfsjkdf slk sjdkf!<BR><BR>-- Skippie

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