Thoughts on the Existance of CDONTS<BR><BR>by Leyla... <BR><BR>subtitled: If it works for everybody else, why isn&#039t it working for me?<BR>___________________________________________ __________<BR><BR>Okay, if i have SMTP installed, is CDONTS registered automatically?<BR>If not, do I have to register it... how?<BR><BR>But if I am using an asp form to mail, and the mail IS being sent to the mailroot/queue ... that means that at some point, it went to the mailroot/pickup ... that means that the code is working, right?... <BR><BR>but since it&#039s in the queue, and STAYS in the queue... It means that something isn&#039t working... but what is that something? could it possibly be that my smtp doesn&#039t know where to send it, such as, did i configure the smtp wrong?<BR><BR>I am also getting an error message that says that the server can&#039t create object - the CDONTS newmail object, it seems. - but if there is something in the mailroot/queue, wouldn&#039t that mean that the server created something?<BR><BR>or am i wrong, and it&#039s just something wrong with CDONTS... which brings me back to my first question.<BR><BR>it&#039s a vicious cycle.<BR><BR>help!<BR><BR>Thank you so much for any help you can give me... <BR><BR>- Leyla<BR>