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    Hi.. I&#039ve had a funny situation &#039ere. I&#039m using ASP, JScript, VBScript for my programming languages. The back-end -&#062; SiteServer + SQLServer 7.0. My OS is Win2K Advanced Server. After I&#039ve loged-in into the system, sometimes, when I clicked at something, it auto logged me off to my formslogin.asp page. And I have to login again. Sometimes it even doesn&#039t allow me to login. So, I have to exit IE (use IE 5.0) and run IE again. After that I can login already. When I clicked the same thing I did before, it went smoothly.<BR><BR>These things happened RANDOMLY in my system. So, I do not know, which part wnet wrong. The APPLICATION or the SOFTWARE?!!.. Pleasee help me with this. I&#039m going to launch my product SOON...<BR><BR>Thanks & Regards...

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    Opss.. forgot to mentioned.. I&#039ve set my session time-out & script timed-out to 360 minutes..!!<BR><BR>TQ..

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