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Thread: Need Keyword/Phrase to do a search???

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    Jim Rudnick Guest

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    Hi all...<BR>I&#039m trying to find a tutorial or explanation on how to provide the following asp functionality.<BR><BR>That when a user keyboards in some data in an html form, then that data is used in formulas to provide a calculated total for them to see. I&#039m using the same asp page, so that the entry of user data and the SUBMIT button just updates the numbers created below the form (so there&#039s no calling of a new page which takes time etc. ). <BR><BR>Sort of like this...<BR><BR> -Please enter the number of employees you wish to hire: 5<BR> (every employee costs $400)<BR><BR> SUBMIT (which calls this same page)<BR><BR> Answer: you entered 5 which will cost $2000 US.<BR><BR>What I&#039m trying to find out is how to KEEP the number entered by the user --which was 5 -- in that field after the user hits the SUBMIT button. The page works reloads just fine..but the fields are emptied when the SUBMIT button is how do I search for that data here? <BR><BR>Help anyone?<BR><BR>Jim Rudnick<BR><BR>

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    O. Azam Guest

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    simple - just make the number they entered part of the query string or a hidden form element. then where the value atttribute of the input box is, place the asp code calling that qa or hidden form element.<BR><BR>

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