I&#039m thinking about making a system, in ASP, that needs<BR>checking/filtering/deleting etc of mail (preferrably without downloading the mail from the server).<BR><BR>I&#039ve asked on Usenet for tips and components that might help me acomplish this, and I&#039ve been referred to www.quiksoft.com and www.dev-soft.com that make components for handling mail. But I could not quite see that they would help me filter mail on the server etc. Seems to me it could only download the mail from the server - not filter etc. without downloading.<BR><BR>I was also told to check out the CDO and CDONTS on msdn.microsoft.com, which I have, but without finding exactly what I need. Seems to me they only handle sending of mail...?<BR><BR>Could someone help me clear up this, as I do not really know what CDO and CDONTS _are_ in relation to VBScript etc?<BR><BR>... Or does anyone have any other suggestions as to how I can accomplish the filtering etc. on the server, or have any bit of information that might get on the right track here?<BR><BR>Is it at all possible? =)