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    dave c Guest

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    I have a password part on my program that will only allow certain users enter once they have entered they&#039re username and password. This works fine in lowercase but when the password is in uppercase problems occur in that the password the user types in i.e. TEST, apparently is not equal to the password in the database i.e. TEST. I have spent hours going through my code and trying different things and i can&#039t figure it out. Somebody please help!!!!

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    Jayaram Guest

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    Did u try using the vbscrypt function lcase before comparing the <BR>results. If so then try srrcomp(var1,var2)=0 condition to check it out .

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    dave c Guest

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    i tried both of those and i print up the variables to see what they are and they are identical but it still does not work. any other suggestions

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